Meghan Kemler

megan kimmler

Meghan Kemler is the Christine Dash Real Estate Groups Transactions Coordinator, who looks after all of the details from A to Z on real estate transactions that the team is involved in, from start to finish. She ensures that all of the myriad of details that together make up a real estate transaction, go through the proper channels to help get us and our Clients to the closing table. Meghan works to ensure that all parties to the contract are up to date with where we are in the transactions, and communicates to our clients every step of the way so that there are never any blind turns, and the process flows seamlessly, concluding with a successful closing.

Meghan started her career in the hospitality business, having worked for the Marriott Group for many years after graduating with a degree in Hospitality Management. She has a background and understanding in responding to the needs of not just clients but vendors as well, working with title and mortgage companies and others in the process.

Meghan is also Christine’s sister! She’s in keeping with maintaining a business that truly is a family, and is passionate about what we do, including moving our real estate organization into the future.